How About SPC Vinyl Flooring for Commercial

We often go to shopping malls, supermarkets and our daily office places, because of the large flow of people, the wear of the floor is relatively large.Therefore, when choosing the floor for decoration, the wear-resistant performance, sound insulation effect and service life of the flooring are very important, and it also need easy to clean. At present, most of the floor materials on the market only can meet some of the requirements, so the developers or company owners are very distressed when choosing the floor. Today, I would like to recommend a flooring for commercial use, which is SPC flooring. It is a type of new light decorative floor with wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof and other properties, which is very suitable for public places. Next, KINGUP flooring supplier will introduce why SPC flooring is suitable for commercial pavement.

How About SPC Vinyl Flooring for Commercial

SPC flooring is very suitable for laying in public places because this material of floor is wear-resistant and waterproof, it will not slide like tiles when the ground wet even more rough, so it is not easy to fall. Choose SPC flooring as the ground material is not only beautiful, but also super wear-resistant, its service life can be reach15-20 years and even longer, which is very durable. Moreover, it is very convenient for renovation and can be reused, which greatly reduces the cost.

Noise is often inevitable in office, while a relatively quiet environment is often needed in office. The mute layer at the bottom of SPC flooring has the function of sound absorption and sound insulation, which can insulate 15db-19db noise, and it is suitable for the place requiring quiet environment, such as hospital ward, school library, report hall, office, etc.

How About SPC Vinyl Flooring for Commercial

Some business places, such as offices is the places where people stay for a long time. If the floor contained a large amount of formaldehyde, there is a great harm to the body of employees. The main raw materials of SPC flooring are Vinyl resin and Calcium Powder, so it does not contain formaldehyde and other heavy metals. It is a zero pollution and environment-friendly floor, and won’t cause any harm to human body.

Fire resistance is another characteristic of SPC flooring. Some commercial places have high requirements for safety. Therefore, fire-retardant materials should be selected as far as possible during decoration to avoid personal and property losses caused by fire.

How About SPC Vinyl Flooring for Commercial

SPC flooring also has a good stain resistance, which can effectively resist all kinds of bacteria and stains (such as shoe polish, paint, soot and other pollution and marks), and just one wet cloth can wipe the stains.

SPC flooring has various styles, including high-end solid wood grain, marble grain and carpet grain. its color and pattern are very vivid, which can meet various decoration styles.

Therefore, SPC flooring is very suitable for commercial pavement, and now it has been widely used in many office areas, business areas, hotels, gyms and other public places, and obtained the consistent high praise!

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